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I am Tanisha, a 17 year old passionate about quantum computing and other exponential technologies that can help me impact billions of people and solve the worlds hardest problems.

I am a quantum programming developer with experience using software from IBM, Google, Rigetti, Microsoft, Xanadu and more. I have built a quantum game, worked with QAOA algorithms, competed at the worlds first Quantum Computing Hackathon, created quantum circuits and simulated quantum error-correction. I have interned with Microsoft and recieved mentorship from leading experts in this field from University of Waterloo and University of Toronto. I am currently working on a quantum machine learning project and attending the first grad course at University of Toronto on Quantum Computing.

Toronto, Canada
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Current Projects

Quantum Computing

I am currently learning about quantum machine learning, writing my first research paper and finishing a capstone project on quantum machine learning for my university course.

Speaking Opportunities

Spoke at #movethedial Global Summit. Currently in Dubai speaking about Quantum Computing at Tribalscale Takeover Conference.

Next Learning Focus

I am interested in Human Longevity and its intersection with Nanotechnology. Will be releasing new content soon and working on projects in this area.


Programming with Google Cirq
Quantum Machine Learning Presentation at Astrolabs
Quantum Machine Learning at University of Toronto
Quantum Support Vector Machine Kernel Algorithm

Latest News

Rigetti Computing
My Experience at the Worlds First Quantum Computing Hackathon.

I was fortunate to have been invited to compete at Rigettis quantum computing hackathon in San Francisco.

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Creative Destruction Lab
5 Reasons Why Startups Fail to Grow.

I was able to shadow VCs at CDL and compiled my learnings into explain common problems every startup faces.

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Economic Club of Canada
I Met Michelle Obama and This is What I Learned

I was hosted by CPA Canada to attend the Obama Luncheon where important matters on gender equality were discussed.

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